Twittelr Is The Fake Page Looks Exactly As The Real One Of Twitter


As Twitter becomes more popular cybercriminals will turn to the social platform to trick you into giving them your credentials so don't wonder if your friends start receiving spam messages from you.

Graham Cluley came across the new hoax in which the unsuspecting member gets a tweet that warns about a “horrible blog” that's going around.

Once the link contained in the alert is clicked what seems to be genuine Twitter page appears waiting for the victim to log-in. The website looks very much like the legitimate one only one thing giving up its true identity.

If you make the mistake of entering your username and password you could as well say goodbye to your account as it all turns out to be a well-designed phishing scheme that's after your followers and their trust.

So you might wonder what gives away the whole scam if the page looks almost exactly as the genuine?

As always the name from the browser's address bar reveals its true identity in this case instead of “twitter” we get “twittelr” Because the difference is very hard to spot anyone can easily fall for the trap but if you act quickly and change your password you have a good chance of recovering your account.

It's really easy these days to fall for such hoaxes and the truth is that if we keep a close eye on everything it just takes away the whole fun of surfing the web. The best thing you can do in these cases if you don't notice the small hints from the start is to quickly change your password.

Phishing campaigns earn hackers a lot of passwords and they rarely take the time to change them to forbid the user's access to the account. This is why as soon as you realize you’re a victim of phishers set up another strong keyword and alert your friends that anything they might have gotten from you must be ignored.


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