Facebook Notifications Come With Russian Phone Numbers A New Sort Of Trick Launched By A Cybervillain


Facebook has sent you a notification is a line we see very often these days but the latest such scam is urging users to call a phone number.

Avira's blog reveals an interesting message which implies that your inbox might be full and you cannot receive any notifications. To sort the whole thing out you are asked to call a number that starts with 7 which means it comes from Russia.

Naturally this is some sort of trick launched by a cybervillain who will either ask you for personal information once you place the call or the number might be a premium-rate number which will cost you even more.

For your own safety follow the wise words of Data Security Expert Sorin Mustaca : “Facebook will never ask you to call any number. They will also never send you such a notification and definitely your Facebook Inbox will never get full. We strongly advise all users to never call any number present in such emails.”


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