Universe Is The Default Wallpaper Of Mac OS X Lion


Apple has reportedly modified an iconic picture of the Andromeda galaxy originally produced by astrophotographer Robert Gendler in order to use it as the default wallpaper of Mac OS X Lion.

The Universe holds many galaxies like our own the Milky Way a spirally thingy made up of hundreds of billions of suns one of which is eight light-minutes away from our Earth.

One such galaxy is Andromeda a spiral pool of stars approximately 2.5 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Andromeda.

It was shot in all its splendor by astrophotographer Robert Gendler back in 2007.

His image is published in the 2008 Guiness Book of World Records as the Largest image in pixel dimensions of a spiral Galaxy ever taken.

David Kaplan, assistant professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee sent boing boing a gif image showing the differences between the original picture and the one that serves as the default wallpaper in OS X 10.7.

It shows quite a few differences between them.

So, Kaplan told the blog “Apple has once again altered the Universe according to their whim. They moved/removed many stars and got rid of a whole galaxy. This is M110 which is one of M31′s [Andromeda's] satellites. The other big satellite, M32, is still there.”

The observation of course, isn’t bad intended.

Rather it’s a humorous take on the fact that Apple decided to brush out an entire galaxy so the image doesn't look cluttered or too asymmetrical, perhaps.

Kaplan said he couldn't guarantee whether or not M110 was still observable in the night sky . But he said he was pretty sure Photoshop had something to do with the way Apple's wallpaper shows.

However, for something as elegant as the Cosmos I for one disagree with Apple’s decision to doctor the image to such extent that an entire galaxy had to be removed for the sake of a wallpaper.


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