Twitter Users Is Missing The Upload Profile Photo Option


Twitter is experiencing an issue that is affecting all users, the ability to change or upload profile photos has been disabled. Granted is not exactly a crisis people can still use Twitter to their heart's content but users are baffled by the missing feature.

And it's a much bigger issue for new users who may be trying to understand what Twitter is all about.Being unable to change a profile photo with no indication that there is a problem can be a little off-putting, especially since most new users have little patience to begin with.

Twitter has acknowledged the issue and has said that it is working on it. A fix was supposed to be available at 10 PM PST.

At the time of writing 4 AM PST the feature is not working and there are no further updates from Twitter engineers who are probably fast asleep at this hour.

"Profile image uploading is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are working to resolve the situation," Twitter said on its status blog more than 13 hours ago.

"The functionality should be fully restored by approximately 10pm PST" it added in a later edit.

Some users may be annoyed by this but they'll move past. But the site may lose a couple of new users over this Twitter has always been struggling with its retention rate it can't really afford to discourage new users from coming back.

While it's a minor issue, one that should be fixed soon, it is an indication that everything is still not well at Twitter, which has struggled to scale and keep the site running for a long time.

The dreaded fail whale is a rare sight these days on Twitter but that doesn't mean that problems don't happen. Granted there's not a site out there that has a perfect record so you can't really blame Twitter about this.


First time I tried Twitter: Open a hat factory and babies will be born without heads.

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