Star Walk 5.3 For iPhone Now Available For Download


Apple Design Award 2010 winner Vito Technology has announced the release of Star Walk 5.3, an updated version of the company’s popular stargazing guide for iOS device owners. This update is dedicated to the becoming-a-tradition Star Walk Month of Astronomy.

Available as a $3 download from the iTunes App Store, Star Walk now comes with an extensive database of currently functioning artificial Earth satellites (8,000 of them, to be precise) with their exact positions over the ground.

Using the app, Vito says you can point your TV dish or satellite phone in the correct direction for better reception.

“Altogether there are about 24,500 man made objects on the orbit of the Earth. 8000 of them are functioning satellites, all of which are available in Star Walk database,” the people at Vito Technology explain.

The list of satellites indexed by Star Walk is broken down into categories like Special-Interest, Weather & Earth Resources, Communications, Navigation, Scientific, and others.

“Not only can you spot the ISS flying over your head, you can also locate any satellite, be it a military or a low-earth-orbit satellite used by most popular satellite phones,” Vito adds.

Star Walk leverages augmented reality technology in order to show celestial objects in their exact positions on the sky above you.

Not only that, but you can tap on pretty much anything that shows up on screen to learn more about that particular, star, planet, or satellite.

According to Vito, even those only remotely interested in astronomy will be taken by Star Walk.

“It inspires curiosity about the Universe and helps understand basic cosmic phenomena,” the company says.

Starting July 14, the Star Walk team will share the most interesting space discoveries, as well as run a series of educational contests about the Universe, for a whole month, Vito said. Visit their web site for more information.

Star Walk 5.3 is available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category. An iPad-optimized version is also available. The tablet app goes for $4.99.

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