Mac Pro Reportedly Gains 3U Rackmount Refresh


An already beautifully designed workstation, the Apple Mac Pro is getting narrower, at just over 5 inches, and shorter, at around 19 inches, the rumor mill goes. The new form factor is said to be an answer to cries over the discontinuation of the Xserve, Apple’s rack unit server computers.

Prototypes of the new Mac Pros have been spotted by people close to 9to5mac.com,
who say the new towers carry “stacked” drives with two drives per sled.

The new form factor will allegedly allow a higher drive density of mountable drives.

The stacks are built for both conventional hard drives, as well a for the much faster SSD (solid state drive) architecture, the blog notes.

Finally, the width of the new Mac Pro is said to be 3U (U = 1.75 inches).

It is only logical to assume that one of the main reasons to depart from the current shape and size of the Mac Pro is to make it fit on a standard server rack.

Apple has been heavily criticized for discontinuing the Xserve earlier this year.

Following the move, transition options to deploy Mac OS X Server included Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server and Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server, which the company began advertising as suitable for businesses, big and small.

The Mac maker said that “a single Xserve could be replaced with one or multiple Mac mini server systems,” depending on the workload and number of users.

But even Apple knows a current-generation Mac Pro doesn’t make the best server solution for those who need to pile them up in a data room.

And while the people at Active Storage stepped in to fill the void immediately as the Xsan got axed, many still wished they could keep their business with Apple, ensuring they get the best support and services on the market.


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