Simple and time-saving Google search tips you can use most regularly


I use Google as my primary guide to the internet and During my years of using Google I've picked up some of tips to help me get to the information I'm looking for faster and more efficiently. Here are some tips that I use most regularly with Google.

Here are some tips that I use :

1: Why Google ?

Because I realized that I wasn't getting as much out of the internet as I could be getting and I switched to Google. And I've looked at a number of different search engines but nothing has force me to switch and leave Google.

2: Planning your time

If you need to planning a meeting that spans timezones it can be tricky and unless you want to decorate your office with clocks you need as alternative.

So you can easley go to Google and type time followed by the name of a country or town/city to get the current time in this country.

3: Currency conversion

Currency conversion can be a pain but with Google no problem

For example, if I want to find the conversion rate for US dollars to British pounds I type usd to gbp into Google to get an interactive calculator.

You can also use the same tip for other conversions such as miles to km, inches to feet and mb to tb. 

4: Search by filetype too

Search by filetype too Not just for web pages because The web is made up of a lot more than just web pages and is home to all sorts of filetypes, from PDFs to Word documents.

So if you want PDF documents related to astronomy use astronomy filetype:pdf. Want Word documents instead of PDFs? Use astronomy filetype:doc. 

5: Search for timely information

To search for timely information you carry out your search as normal and then click on search tools and change Anytime to the desired range you need.


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