Google+ Hangouts available now to add in the Google calendar


Google+ Hangouts available now to add in the Google calendar
Do you use Google Calendar to schedule catch ups with distant friends and family? . Now, if you've upgraded to Google+ you can schedule a face-to-face video chat right from Google Calendar using Google+ Hangouts. It takes one click to add a hangout to an event and another click to join the hangout.

Google+ Hangouts has been the standout feature of Google's social network and it didn't go unnoticed. Google realizes that it's one of the strengths of Google+ and it's something no one else offers at least not for free.

Which is why Hangouts is being pushed into every other Google product where it makes sense.

A while back Hangouts was integrated into Gmail enabling users to start a group video chat without needing to go to Google+.

Now, the feature has been built into Google Calendar by enabling users to attach a Hangout to events. When creating a new event users have the option of also adding a Hangout to it. This way you can schedule group chats in advance or use Hangouts to iron out any details.


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