Windows 8 And Office 15 Will Have Something In Common Namely Nothing But Love For HTML5 And JavaScript


It appears that Windows 8 and Office 15 will have something in common namely nothing but love for HTML5 and JavaScript.

The first public preview of Windows 8 brought with it news of the evolution of the applications designed to run on top of the next generation operating system from Microsoft.

Essentially the software giant announced native support in Windows 7’s successor for apps built with web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript.

It now seems that HTML5 and JavaScript code will also run on top of the next major iteration of the Office productivity suite, dubbed Office 15 not just the next version of Windows.

Here is an excerpt from a job posting uncovered by Mary-Jo Foley:

Now is the time to take Office programmability to the next level. We're a small but strong team within Visual Studio that is currently in the planning stages for Office 15 programmability tools. One of our key goals is to enable professional developers to contribute to the Office platform by making development for Office as easy and fun as building applications for the next version of Windows.

Integration of JavaScript/HTML5 will enable developers to create rich applications that span clients and server integrate with Office 365, enhance the SharePoint experience, and unlock new scenarios that unleash the great potential that lies in the combination of Office and the cloud.

Web developers that are familiar with HTML5 and JavaScript from the sites they have created will be able to start building applications for Windows 8 as well as extensions for Office 15, the next version of SharePoint and Microsoft’s Cloud productivity suite Office 365.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will share the first deep insight into Windows 8 as well as its developer strategy for the operating system at the BUILD conference in September 2011.

The developer-centric event is bound to provide some details about the company’s HTML5 and JavaScript app support strategy perhaps even in relation to Office 15 not just with Windows 8.


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