Buy A Windows 7 PC And Get A Free Xbox 360 Now Through More Retailers


Microsoft has expanded the list of retailers which offer customers the chance to access a great deal when purchasing a new Windows 7 PC, by also getting a free Xbox 360.

The “Buy a PC, Get an Xbox” offer is now also available to users purchasing new Windows 7 PCs via Amazon.com and HP.com, in addition to the retailers that were already on boars with the software giant since last week.

The Redmond company introduced its back-to-school special deals early this year, getting a jumpstart on the competition.

While the “Buy a PC, Get an Xbox” offer will be live for the coming months, students shopping for a new Windows 7 PC and willing to spend at least $699 on the machine, will also automatically get an Xbox 360 4GB console free of charge.

“We’ve seen a lot of excitement and interest from students for the Windows PC and XBox offer over the last few days and we have more good news,” revealed Microsoft’s Kristina Libby.

“Both HP.com and Amazon.com have now come online to join with the other retailers who are participating in the “Buy a PC, Get an Xbox” offer including the Microsoft Store (online and in-person), Best Buy and Dell.com. The PCs that are available vary by retailer so make sure to consult various stores before making your purchase.”

So, students can take advantage of the “Buy a PC, Get an Xbox” offer from Amazon.com, HP.com, Best Buy and Dell.com. At the same time, they can either head over to the Microsoft Store online shop, or to an actual retail outlet if they’re close to one, and walk out with their new Windows 7 PC and the free Xbox 360.

“Get a free Xbox 360 4GB console with the purchase of select Windows 7 PCs $699 or more, at participating retailers in the US from 5/23-9/3 or while supplies last. Verification of student status required. See participating retailers for full details,” Libby added.


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