In October Apple Release A Very Big New Product


Amid rumors of a planned iTV launch, sources talking to MacDailyNews claim to have learned that Apple is increasing telesales positions in anticipation of a “huge” product release.

Citing multiple sources, the Mac-focused web site is reporting that Apple is hiring telesales staff in a move that has been described by one of these sources as ‘huge’, and by others as "significant."

Apple is on track to begin an intensive four-week training course with the new recruits starting the week to follow, these sources allegedly said.The main focus is to prepare the staffers for “an October release of ‘a very big new product’,” the report reads.

The publication claims to be working to dig up more information, trying to confirm at least some of the details that label this piece of news as still a rumor, it notes.In a blog post last week, Digg founder Kevin Rose alleged that “Apple will be releasing a revamped/renamed version of their 'Apple TV' set-top box, called 'iTV'.”

Ongoing talks of Apple reshaping the TV industry pin the company as being in a favorable position to introduce a cheap device with cloud-syncing capabilities, iOS to boot, and a spot in the Apple App Store.

Rose believes that this “will eventually destroy the television side of the cable and satellite industry, as your only requirement to access these on-demand stations will be an internet connection.”

In other words, Cable TV as we know it will be dead soon, the Digg founder predicted last week.However, while MacDailyNews’ sources are saying to expect this big new product (presumably the same iTV) in October, Kevin Rose put Apple on track for a September release.

“From what I hear we should expect to see the iTV launch in September,” he wrote. “Also, keep an eye on GoogleTV - this is going to be a hot space in 2011,” the Digg founder added.

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