Bill Gates might come back at least for a limited time to save Microsoft


Bill Gates might come back at least for a limited time to save Microsoft
Following the surprising departure of Steve Ballmer Microsoft is still looking for a CEO  and a new report claims that co-founder Bill Gates could be the one to save the company.

Win8China writes that Bill Gates could come back to the Redmond-based software giant he founded in order to support the development of the next Windows projects.

While we should all take these rumors with a pinch of salt especially because Gates has so far denied every single report claiming that he could return to Microsoft it appears that the company’s board is looking for someone to lead the development of the upcoming Windows 10 OS.

Word is that Windows 10 could be a cloud-based operating system that would be used up to 180 days in offline mode but would also require users to sign in for data synchronization between devices.

This isn’t the first time when Windows 10 is brought in the spotlight and a cloud-based OS pretty much makes sense for a company that’s struggling to fully embrace the devices and services concept but it’s pretty hard to believe that Microsoft is ready to make such a dramatic change to its top platform.

On the other hand a cloud-based operating system aimed at businesses or government could indeed be developed but the company has remained completely tight-lipped on such a possibility.

Now that Steve Ballmer is about to leave Gates might actually reconsider his options and at least return to Microsoft for a limited period of time.


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