Microsoft Launches Campaign Against The Unfair Tactics Used By Google With Its Gmail Service


Microsoft campaign has been re-launched to reveal some of the unfair tactics used by Google with its Gmail service this time trying to show users that the Mountain View-based search company is displaying ads that look like real emails.

Microsoft says “Google violates your privacy by reading every single word of every single email sent to and from Gmail accounts so they can better target you with ads. Now, they're going one step further over the line by using that same personal information to spam your inbox with ads that look like real emails ” .

The Softies claim that Google’s recently launched Promotions tab included in Gmail is actually a way to distribute more ads to users in an attempt to capitalize on specifics campaigns.

Of course, users are encouraged to make the switch to Outlook.com as Microsoft promises to protect users privacy much better than its rival.

Microsoft is pointing to a study conducted by GFK Roper and revealing that 89 percent of the users do not agree with ads being made to look like personal emails.

Microsoft says “We don't scan the content of your email to target you with ads and don't spam your inbox with ads that look like personal email ” .


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