Google Is Enabling Google+ Users To Set Who They Get Notifications From


Most people don't like to be spammed with notifications about everything that happens on the site especially since they've got Facebook, Twitter and others to manage as well.

Facebook recently moved to have fewer notifications sent to users unless they specifically request it.

Now Google+ is doing something about notifications as well it's enabling users to specify what circles or what people are allowed to send them notifications.

Technically it prevents Google+ from sending you notifications about various activities people from your circles undertake on the site.

Google's Kathleen Ko writes "Circles give you control over who you share with on Google+ and who you see content from." .

Kathleen said "Many of you have asked for similar controls over who can send you notifications so today we're rolling out a new option in Google+ settings: 'Who can notify you'" .

You'll now notice a new option in the Google Accounts > Google+ settings > Who can send you notifications.

Kathleen announced "We’ve set the Who can notify you setting to Extended circles as the default but you can change this to be Your circles, Anyone, or a custom selection of specific circles and individuals. We’ll be rolling this out slowly so if it’s not available for you yet check back soon." .

Just like with anything else on Google+ you can completely customize the list of people whom you will be notified about.

The default option is a rather expansive one but you can restrict this to your close friends or just to a few select people. Of course you could set it to Anyone if you're an information junkie.

Users are also able to customize the type of notifications they receive there's a rather ample list to choose from and also how to receive those notifications via email or phone.


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