Zagat Gave Google A 30 Rating


Google acquired the restaurant critic and Zagat a well known brand strengthen its largest local services and sites. With Zagat Google has access to a significant number of quality reviews and brand trust Zagat.

Zagat which has a website but also publishes a printed guide for restaurants and other places in many cities will continue to work as it is for now.

Some of the content on the website is behind a paywall Zagat but there is free content too.

Google has not really said anything but it plans to integrate the critical service to its existing locations.

Marissa Mayer, VP of the local, maps and services location of Google, wrote "With Zagat we gain a world-class team that has more experience in consumer-based surveys recommendations and comments than anyone else in the industry" .

She said "Founded by Tim and Nina Zagat over 32 years Zagat has established a trusted brand and well-loved around the world operating in 13 categories and over 100 cities" .

Google already has user reviews via friend who has now been merged in places but new content will most enhance its offering and enable it to better compete with other sites providing critical local Yelp in particular.

Google Yelp tried to buy a few years back for $ 500 million but failed. Since then the relationship between the two companies has been strained. Recently Google has removed all third party comments from its site locations including critical TELP.

Mayer said "Their investigations can be one of the earliest forms of UGC (user-generated content) collection of restaurants with friends computer and distribution of notes before the Internet as we know it today even existed ".

With the offers in full swing the existing spaces the site Dealmap he gained last month and of course the ancestor of all Google Maps the company is in a position good enough.


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