Twitter Setting Up It's Third International HQ In Dublin Ireland


Twitter has announced that it's setting up shop in Dublin Ireland the third international home for the information network. The company is moving to Ireland to take advantage of the low corporation tax in the country and will likely create its biggest overseas team there.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the move "The Twitter office in Dublin our third location outside of the US is a great next step in the company's global expansion." .

It's not clear what Twitter's plans are for the location but judging by other US web companies that have set up shop in Dublin Twitter will probably house its international headquarters there.

This means that most of its ad revenue will be funneled through Ireland.

Twitter will also probably set up a user support operation there as well as the traditional ad sales team which is what most web companies create at international locations.

Dublin has become the European hub for US companies trying to maximize profits. Corporation tax is only 12.5 percent in Ireland compared to 28 percent in the UK for example.

This has lured the likes of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, PayPal, Amazon, eBay, recently Zynga and other web companies to the city. Established tech companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Apple, HP and others all have their European headquarters in Dublin.

Google set up shop in 2004 with some 200 employees. The initial plan was to have about 300 people there but the company now employs 2,200 people in Dublin and is one of the city's biggest employers.

Facebook plans to have about 300 people there by the end of next year. LinkedIn also wants to have 140 employees and Zynga 100. At the same time eBay has hired about 1,000 people in Dublin and its PayPal unit 1,400.


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