A Statistics Shared Reveal That Less Than 6% Of Windows 7 Customers Actually Used Media Center


Windows Media Center will be offered to Windows 8 users Microsoft stressed while revealing that usage of this traditional Windows component is not exactly through the roof.

According to Steven Sinofsky the President of the Windows and Windows Live Division only a fraction of all Windows 7 users fired up Media Center this July.

The statistics shared by the Windows boss reveal that even less Windows 7 customers actually used Media Center.

Windows Media Center is a default component designed to provide media management and play-back functionality to users with Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise SKUs.

Sinofsky said “Our opt-in usage telemetry shows that in July Windows Media Center was launched by 6% of Windows 7 users globally with the heaviest usage in Russia, Mexico, and Brazil frequency and time” .

However most people are just looking around only one quarter 25% of 6% of these people used it for more than 10 minutes per session individual averages and in 59% of Media Center sessions by these 6% of users we see almost no activity less than a minute or two of usage.

Despite eventually making it into Windows 8 Windows Media Center won’t be provided in the first pre-release Build of the operating system which will be offered to testers soon.Sinofsky underlined that the low usage of the component in Windows 7 had nothing to do with the decision.

The Windows boss added “TV was the most common scenario we observed and not surprisingly traditional media DVD and CD are less common and declining over time than streaming and file-based content” .

By comparison Media Player 66% of Windows users in July and IE 88% are popular rendering engines for all types of media content including an increased volume of premium and streaming content. This is another place we’re reminded of the tremendous diversity of Windows activity.


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