Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition Will Be Released Soon


Motorola Mobility already has on the market a tablet PC that runs under Google's Android operating system namely the Motorola XOOM and it seems that the company is already considering the release of a series of successors for this device.

The company was already rumored to plan the release of a Motorola XOOM 2 but chances are that there will be two new tablet PCs coming from Motorola in the near future.

Moreover rumor has it that one of them will be called Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition and that it will pack an 8.2-inch touchscreen display.

The new device has just leaked into the wild with both photos and specs leak for it courtesy of Engadget and This is my next.

The tablet PC will arrive on the market with a large 8.2-inch HD IPS display that also sports anti-glare coating and Gorilla Glass for increased durability.

The upcoming device is said to be very thick and to weigh in at only 0.95 pounds which will make it one of the most portable such devices in the world.The same as the original XOOM the new device should run under Google's Android operating system though it remains to be seen what actual flavor will be loaded on it.

Google is expected to launch the next flavor of Android in the next few months none other than the Ice Cream Sandwich flavor and should bring it both to smartphones and tablet PCs.

Moreover considering the fact that XOOM was the first tablet to land on shelves with Honeycomb on board there is a strong possibility that the new Motorola tablets will bring the next Android flavor on shelves too.

The device is said to include a five-megapixel HD camera on the back and to arrive on shelves along with the actual XOOM 2 tablet which will be as large as the original. Both of them will include LTE connectivity and are expected to land on shelves soon yet specific info on when that might happen is not available.


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