Microsoft Slapped A Technical Limit Of Several Million Items On The New Windows 8 Conflict Resolution Dialog Box


Microsoft slapped a technical limit of several million items on the new Windows dialog box 8 Conflict resolution means that at least in theory, customers are able to process a large number of conflicts.

Of course, it's hard to believe that users will have encountered such scenarios, but they will actually want to test the limits of the overhaul of Windows Explorer 8.

The next generation of Windows Explorer features a new look and feel of the Ribbon UI power, but also a range of changes under the hood.

Key aspects of its development Windows Explorer 8 provides an improved mechanism for that, with the conflicts that arise in management tasks such as file copy or move.

Because users can see in the screenshot included at the top of Windows Explorer displays eight conflicts for users by allowing them to dictate what happens next is an element at a time or to solve all the problems but only one order.

This is a new level of control over the dialog of Windows 7 Conflict Resolution which caused some confusion among customers.

According to Jordi Mola lead developer for the new Windows 8 copy experience the Windows 8 Conflict Resolution process has been optimized for scenarios involving a few thousand items.

Mola explained “The functional experience is optimized for reviewing less than a few thousand items. However we know there are users whose needs exceed this and the technical limit is in the several million items. To make sure that we do not consume too many machine resources the dialog only keeps a handful of items in memory, mainly the visible ones as well as couple of page/up down of results to make it responsive” .

It’s simply too early to tell just how the new Windows 8 Conflict Resolution dialog will be received by customers but with Microsoft looking to broaden the testing process for the operating system we’re bound to find out pretty soon.


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