Google Has Launched Its Official Blogger App For iPhone


Google has launched its official Blogger App for Apple customers wielding an iPhone or iPod touch. It is available for free download from the iTunes App Store and, as its name suggests it will facilitate the blogs. On the go.
More on the Google Mobile blog, Kim Chang, product manager is pleased to announce the new version of Blogger IOS.

Kim says "With the application of Blogger, you can write a new blog and publish it immediately or save it as a project from your device IOS" .

Kim own blogs "You can also open a blog that you worked on your computer and continue to edit while you're on-the-go. Your blog posts are automatically synchronized between devices, so you will always have access to the latest version, ".

According to the description of iTunes you can also view a list of messages and you can easily switch between the blogs if you have multiple accounts or domains.

Kim continues "A picture is worth a thousand words and applying Blogger it's easy to add photos by selecting either the gallery or take a new picture to the right in the application."
It's always nice to have integration with the application iOS photos Blogger and uses this feature to allow you to make a fresh post in seconds.

Users can also add labels to add and location data so that viewers get all the details they need.

Blogger iTunes page lists the following key features for Google's latest addition to the Apple App Store:

* Select the account / blog if you have more than one.
* Include images in the gallery or taking a picture directly from the application
* Add labels
* Add location information
* Save as a draft or publish immediately
* See the list of messages saved / published

Although the description says Blogger supports multiple languages, Kim finds that the user interface is available in English at that time.

Download Blogger App for iOS


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