Google Cares A Lot About Its Green Credentials And Generally Do Green Business


Google cares a lot about its green and did much to reduce its carbon footprint and generally do business in green. This drive is not only great for the environment but is also great for the image of Google as well.

Not that anyone is complaining that Google gets a little good will trying to run a green operation.

But Google also provides that it can transform your business into a green as well at least in terms of some of the computer all you have to do is to start using Google products such as Gmail.

Google is touting the benefits of cloud and the energy savings a company can gain by switching to Google's cloud, rather than using an in-house data centers and servers.

David Jacobowitz, program manager, engineering and environmental activities, wrote "We compared the traditional solutions Gmail for corporate email is replaced by more than 4 million businesses" .

He said "The results are clear: the transition to Gmail may be the energy of almost 80 times more effective than running in the house e-mail" .

He said "This is because cloud computing services are generally housed in highly efficient data centers that operate at higher levels of server utilization and use of hardware and software that are designed specifically for the services they provide conditions that small businesses are seldom able to create on their own ".

The results are quite intuitive multiple servers running around the clock to power an application that lets you send email, perhaps a few hundred at most a few thousand emails per day in a small business will use a lot of energy.

And this energy is wasted because the servers do nothing most of the time. But the cloud operators can not afford to have servers sitting doing nothing, in fact why cloud computing makes economic sense because the servers are running non-stop.

Google has some interesting examples of how effective the cloud can be. He says it takes more energy to drink a bottle of wine to a message in it and thrown into the sea than it takes to use Gmail for an entire year.

But the energy savings are not only to Google's Gmail says making and shipping a single DVD is the equivalent of watching YouTube to three days in a row in terms of energy consumption.


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