Twitter Is Now Available In 11 Languages In Dutch, Indonesian, Filipino And Malay Next


Twitter is slowly becoming a multi-lingual site. With the help of volunteer translators the site is adding more and more languages to its localization options. Now Twitter has added Dutch and Indonesian completely with the help of enthusiastic users.

"With today’s launch of Dutch and Indonesian Twitter has been fully translated into eleven languages" Twitter announced.

"Dutch and Indonesian were the first languages to be fully translated by community volunteers using our Translation Center that opened earlier in the year" the company said.

"Volunteers translate twitter.com, support pages, desktop and mobile applications everything except the Tweets. Then a select group of the most active translators work closely with the team at Twitter to maintain localized versions of the service" Twitter explained.

Earlier this year Twitter rolled out its new Translation Center a tool designed by those wanting to get involved to submit their translations for various Twitter components.

The company has been adding more languages to the Translation Center every time it does this it seems it breaks the record for the fastest translation ever.

It only took one month since Dutch and Indonesian became available for translation until it was fully translated and ready to be offered on the site.This happened because of the big number of people getting involved. In total Twitter numbers 200,000 contributors to the translations for the different language versions of the site it offers.

Twitter is not stopping here it's now asking for help in translating the site in Filipino and Malay the languages spoken in an Asia region that is seeing a lot of Twitter activity.The latest addition came in early June when Twitter added Brazilian Portuguese to the list of supported languages having included Russian and Turkish before that.

Japanese was the first language other than English in which Twitter was offered. Unlike the current offers it was done entirely by professionals.


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