The New Microsoft Kinect Sensor Bundle With Child Of Eden And Kinect Adventures


Microsoft has decided to sweeten the deal for those who buy its Kinect for the Xbox 360 which customers will now not a free game that came with it Kinect Adventures but also another free as in the form of 'Children of Eden.

Microsoft's Kinect sensor has reached record-breaking sales since it was released back in November of last year but the North American company knows that there are still many Xbox 360 owners who don't have the new peripheral.

As such it has partnered with Ubisoft to release a limited edition Kinect sensor bundle which sees the existing free game Kinect Adventures be joined by the French company's new Child of Eden title.

The bundle is set to arrive in stores next week across all Xbox Live regions except Japan where Child of Eden has yet to be released.

Xbox Live community manager Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb said "Today we have announced we’re updating the Kinect Sensor bundle to include both Kinect Adventures and a download code for a free copy of Child of Eden" .

This new bundle will be priced the same as the current sensor bundle and will start appearing in stores next week in all Xbox LIVE regions except Japan since Child of Eden has not been released there. This bundle will be available in limited quantities and while supplies last so be sure to look for the special packaging above to make sure you’re getting Child of Eden!.

Child of Eden is technically a rhythm action game although its blend of rich colors and exotic gameplay coming from the mind of designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi the creator of fan favorite Rez makes it much more impressive.

The game is optimized for the Kinect on the Xbox 360 although it can still be played with the regular console controller.


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