Microsoft TechNet Gallery Is Now Available


Microsoft has introduced a new area of TechNet simplifying access to a range of resources designed for IT Professionals using its products.

The new TechNet Gallery is now live and available to IT pros free of charge offering a range of content and tools as well as the opportunity for customers to add their own contributions.

Some TechNet users might already be familiar with the TechNet Script Center Repository. According to the Redmond company in a sense the TechNet Gallery is nothing more than the evolution of the old TechNet Script Center Repository.

The repository continues to be live but as IT professionals will see it’s now the new TechNet Gallery.

J.C. Hornbeck, System Center Knowledge Engineer noted “As many of you probably already know, for a long time the Script Repository a special-purpose gallery has been an engine of great content and community engagement on TechNet”  .

Well starting last week it was upgraded significantly and launched as the new TechNet Gallery supporting not only just scripts but many other technical resources for Microsoft products including App-V, Exchange, and System Center.

With the advent of the new TechNet Gallery the Redmond company also worked to expand support for IT pros in a variety of international markets. The gallery is localized in no less than 12 languages.

Hornbeck added “Also of note is that in addition to English the new gallery is available in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Korean, Czech, Polish, and Turkish. Individuals’ contributions and engagement with the TechNet Gallery are tracked in their TechNet profiles and fully integrated with our reputation system which is also fully localized” .

If IT resources like scripts, management packs, utilities, and extensions are important for your succes, you’ll definitely want to bookmark this one.


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