Microsoft And Intuit Plan To Release Windows Azure SDK 2.0 For Intuit Partner Platform Soon


The integration between Windows Azure and the Intuit Partner Platform will evolve to the next level as Microsoft and Intuit plan to kick up a notch the developer resources they’ve built to bridge their respective Cloud platforms.

Version 2.0 of the Windows Azure software development kit for Intuit Partner Platform is planned for release soon although neither of the two companies made public a specific availability deadline.

According to Microsoft with the launch of the Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for Intuit Partner Platform Windows Azure and IPP will deliver a new level of integration to developers targeting QuickBooks and additional Intuit financial software.

Liz Ngo Global ISV Group Microsoft revealed that with the delivery of Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for Intuit Partner Platform devs will be able to enjoy a range of enhancements including:

1 - Support for one-click publishing & authentication of federated IPP and Intuit Anywhere apps hosted on Windows Azure the primary cloud platform of choice for Intuit’s Developer Network.

2 - A flexible secure platform on Windows Azure that provides better development tools an easier development cycle and a quicker time to markets around the world.

The SDK built by the two companies streamlines the federation of SaaS Windows Azure Cloud applications on to IPP.

Microsoft underlines that the developer resources make it easier and cheaper for devs to leverage Windows Azure in order to reach new customers via the Intuit Workplace App Center.

Noted Alex Chriss Director Intuit Partner Platform :“The feedback from current developers using Azure and live on Intuit App Center has been extremely positive and we believe with additional investment in our Windows Azure SDK for IPP we can make developing an app on Azure leveraging Quickbooks data and IPP's go-to-market services and getting into the Intuit App Center Channel DROP DEAD EASY” .

Microsoft has built a huge business behind their partner community they just get how important partners are and how to treat them and with our native IPP development option now gone we think this is the best platform for our developers.


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