Microsoft And China Standard Software CS2C Joining Forces To Deliver New Cloud Offerings To Chinese Customers


A new deal inked this week in Beijing has Microsoft and China Standard Software CS2C joining forces to deliver new Cloud offerings to Chinese customers relying on heterogeneous IT environments.

As part of the agreement Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V will support CS2C NeoKylin Operating System with the duo sponsoring a joint virtual technology lab in Beijing focused on bridging the CS2C-branded Linux server distro with the Redmond company’s hypervisor technology.

According to Sandy Gupta General Manager, Open Solutions Group, Linux and Windows interoperability is at the core of the partnership which will end up bringing about a true open architecture in the area of cloud management and automation for IT organizations throughout China.

The two companies will work on producing mixed source solutions with Microsoft’s Hyper-V Open Cloud architecture at the heart enabling Chinese customers to seamlessly leverage interoperability with CS2C NeoKylin Linux Server solutions.

Simon Leung chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China Region revealed that the joint Microsoft and CS2C offerings will cover not only the public and private Clouds but also virtualization and systems management.

Leung said “Through this collaboration, we seek to support our joint customers in China with solutions for the cloud which will help them build upon their existing operational investments yet also allow them the flexibility to capitalize on strategic opportunities that may arise during this period of expansive change and growth” .

In addition to CS2C NeoKylin Linux and Hyper-V interoperability the Redmond company’s Hyper-V Cloud architecture will also support CS2C OS with the duo promising that customers will be able to leverage Microsoft Systems Center management packs in order to administer CS2C NeoKylin Operating System application workloads.

Han Naiping, president of CS2C said “Organizations are constantly looking for new ways to help them adapt and thrive in the marketplace and nowhere is that more relevant than in the China market today” .

Building on our heritage of providing CS2C NeoKylin Operating System and customized solutions for customers we are seizing the important opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft to deliver comprehensive flexible, cloud-based solutions that will serve as a platform for business growth.


microsoft co developing is the move which will give an opportunity to U.S Company to sell to Chinese government agencies..which is good for both countries and.
a survey in this article shows that the China Cloud computing market is to grow speedily http://cloudtechsite.com/blogposts/microsoft-to-co-develop-cloud-products-with-chinese-os-firm.html

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