HTC EVO 3D Launch Seems Imminent After HTC Denies Cancellation by Vodafone


After Vodafone's announcement regarding the cancellation of the HTC EVO 3D the Taiwanese handset manufacturer came forward this Sunday with a statement in which it reaffirms that the smartphone will be launched in Europe according to schedule via Vodafone.

Although Vodafone's statement was pretty clear about the reasons behind the EVO 3D's cancellation it appears that the carrier forced the handset manufacturer to be more serious when it comes to launching one of its important products.

As a reminder we already reported that the EVO 3D was delayed in Europe several times which made Vodafone the carrier that announced the phone's launch look bad in the eyes of its customers.

“We’ve decided that due to delays to the launch of the device we no longer plan to include the EVO 3D in our smartphone range. We will be contacting customers who have registered for updates about the device to make them aware of this decision shortly” said a Vodafone UK spokesperson a few days ago.

It appears that the carrier's announcement was just a tactic to force HTC to come forward and take the blame for the EVO 3D's constant delays.

However due to the fact that the EVO 3D is one of the most important smartphones launched by HTC Q2 2011 the cancellation announced by Vodafone could have a negative impact on HTC's revenue momentum during this period thus the handset manufacturer cannot allow this to happen.

According to HTC the EVO 3D will go on sale through Vodafone and distributors in six major European countries.

In addition the company unveiled plans for a second wave of marketing projects in the region with the help of its network operators partners in Europe.

Currently HTC EVO 3D is expected to hit shelves in UK in September but HTC and Vodafone have yet to announce the exact release date of the smartphone.


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