Google Is Finally Talking About Upcoming Google+ Platform For Developers


Google is finally talking about a Google+ platform to enable developers to deploy their apps on the burgeoning social network.

Don't get too excited yet Google is not letting developers in yet at least not too many of them but it will be gradually opening up the platform and is enabling those expressing interest to sign up to be notified.

David Glazer, Engineering Director at Google wrote :"Although we’re not ready to get your coding engines running we do have some small updates to share as we prepare to open the gates" .

He explained why only a handful of developers have been able to work with the Google+ platform :"We chose to start with a small number of partners so that we could experiment get the kinks out of our APIs and get real end-user feedback before opening up to the world" .

So far Google has only enabled several big-name game developers to work with the API and platform team and have titles available for the Google+ Games launch.

Google plans to enable more developers to access the still developing platform but will do so in small batches for the time being.

Glazer said :"We will continue to add new partners and new features in small steps starting with today’s release of the games APIs to a small number of developers" .

He added :"We’re keeping a close eye on feedback and are eager to open up more access as soon as it’s ready" .

If you're a developer interested in getting in as soon as possible, Google has a form you can fill out. You will then be notified of the latest updates, but don't expect any miracles.

Google+ is only six weeks old and the company said that the site launched with only a number of core features and capabilities. Big things like the Google+ platform are still in the works and the social network will be a lot more fleshed out in the coming months.


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