Duke Nukem Forever Will Be Available For Purchase On August 18 For Mac OS X Gamers


Aspyr Media has announced that Duke Nukem Forever will be available for purchase on August 18 for Mac gamers. Those who choose to get the digitally downloadable version will benefit from a special price according to the publishers.

Since Gearbox Software hasn’t had the decency to make the game playable on the Mac it was the people at Aspyr who took it upon themselves to port Duke to Apple platforms.

Spanning over a decade in development and previously thought never to reach the Mac the highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever is coming to OS X gamers this summer according to Aspyr Media.

Fans could already pre-order Duke for Mac soon after the PC version had been unleashed but now Aspyr has confirmation that the game will land at a precise given date this month.

In what can be regarded as an official announcement over at Apyr Media’s Game Agent blog the entry reads:

“Roll out the red carpet for humanity’s babe-lovin, beer chuggin, ass-kicking savior, because on August 18th Duke Nukem Forever is bringing its style of awesomeness to Macs everywhere. Hail to the King!

In two week’s time you’ll be able to step into the mighty boots of Duke Nukem and serve up the pain-cake to any and all aliens that threaten Earth and its babes.

And believe me Duke is more than ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum! And as always he’s all out of gum.”

Aspyr's GameAgent is a digital distribution platform primarily aimed at delivering video game content to systems running Mac OS X.

There will be a digital downloadable version of the DNF for a lower price ($39.99).


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