Video Inbox The Latest App From Google's Stealthy Social Project


Google's Slide acquisition is beginning to look more productive by the day. The team which remained intact even after the company was acquired by Google has been putting out products like crazy in the past few months.

The latest to be found not necessarily the latest to be launched is VideoInbox an email newsletter/Facebook app hybrid.

The service as the name implies delivers a pick of videos to the users email inbox every day curated by the team.

It seems a bit antagonistic to receive a daily email with viral videos but it does actually make sense it enables users to watch the videos when they have the time and it also removes part of the hassle of having to find good videos in the first place.

The second part of the app is the social one you can share those videos with your Facebook friends and even post them to their walls. The app requires Facebook Connect obviously but is only linked to Facebook and nothing else a trend we've been seeing in all of Slide's products so far.

The site is a bit weird the design seems somewhat outdated but it gets the job done. Of course there's no mention of Google and hardly any mention of Slide anywhere on the site.

It's only the terms of service that the link to Slide is revealed. Strangely though the terms of service are dated 2009 and refer to Slide as a stand-alone company.

Slide has been responsible for a string of social apps so far the Disco group messaging app Pool Party a photo sharing app for friends Prizes.org and Photovine another photo sharing app.

All the while Google+ is thriving with 20 million users already. Neither Google nor Slide are promoting the apps in any way even though new products are being launched it should be interesting to see how long this continues.


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