Snooze Function Is A Way To Maintain Your Users Happy In Gmail


Gmail has been a very popular and reliable email service for a long time and that constantly adding new features is a way to maintain their users happy. Gmail Snooze has been recently implemented.

Dealing with a lot of emails means having to solve numerous tasks at once so postponing some of the messages would help reduce the pressure.

Hence the new snooze function allows users to temporarily hide an email then bring it back to the Inbox at a pre-defined time in the future.While this feature is not precisely integrated within the mail service it can be easily activated by creating a script.

Make a new Google Docs spreadsheet select Script Editor from the Tools simply paste a special code and save the new document. Then you only need to follow some simple steps to enable the script.

While it may seem like a complicated task the benefits will make it worth spending a few minutes setting up this Apps Script.Also one needs to keep in mind that the steps mentioned above need to be followed in the order they are described so as to obtain a fully functional script.

To snooze a thread use Gmail’s Move To button to move the thread into the Snooze for X days label and archive it.Every night threads will move up through one day of the queue and at the appointed number of days they will reappear in your inbox unarchived.

Those who are familiar with scripting will even be able to create different snooze times that suit their necessities better.

In the end you will be able to prioritize all your tasks with greater ease and will no longer be overwhelmed by the numerous messages you need to deal with then you come back from vacation.


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