Samsung Electronics Confirms 5 Million Galaxy S II Units Shipped In 85 Days


Samsung Electronics has just confirmed that it managed to ship a number of over 5 million Galaxy S II devices in about 85 days after it made the handset available for purchase.

The Galaxy S II the company's latest Android-based flagship device is proving to be fastest selling smartphone from the company and the newly reached milestone proves just that.

What Samsung announced was that it managed to move a number of 5 million Galaxy S II units to channels and operators.

The number is as impressive as it can be although it falls behind the 6 million Galaxy S II sold units rumored only a few days ago.

The smartphone managed to reach the 5 million units sold milestone in less than 3 months after being made available for purchase which is equally impressive.This means that it could easily top 10 million sold units in the next few months especially if it is launched on the US market as well.

The handset is already available in a wide range of markets around the world and should enjoy even greater sales when made available in more of them US included.Some of the latest rumors on the matter suggested that it might be released in the United States in August following it release in Canada only a few days ago.

So far Samsung has not offered a specific release date for the device stateside though it did confirm a few weeks ago that the smartphone was on its way to the country.

The leading handset vendor did not offer individual region numbers for the Galaxy S II smartphone but they did unveil the fact that they were at the moment enjoying 56 percent of the market in South Korea.

Recently, the company managed to gain even more ground in various European markets and might soon outpace Nokia and even Apple in smartphone sales.


Samsung is doing well making great devices. I hope they can withstand the onslaught brought on by Apple looking for new vendors etc. and Microsoft's licenses.

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