Motorola To Launch New High-end Device Called Dinara


Mobile phone maker Motorola Mobility is expected to bring to the market during the ongoing year a new set of handsets based on the Android platform one of which might sport the name of Dinara if some of the latest reports around the Internet are to be believed.

For the time being only a few details on what this device might include emerged and all of them are under the rumor sign though more might be unveiled in the months to come.

The Motorola Dinara provided that this would be the name under which this device will hit the shelves should pack a Texas Instruments application processor though specific info on the clock speed or cores was not unveiled for the time being.

However rumor has it that it would include 1GB of RAM which might suggest a fast 1GHz or higher CPU hopefully with more than one core inside.

One appealing hardware spec that this device might include would be its 4.5-inch touchscreen display which reportedly boasts an HD resolution.

The mobile phone should sport about the same form factor as the DROID Bionic but is said to be thinner than this device and also lighter.

Another interesting detail on this device would be the inclusion of a 13-megapixel photo snapper into the mix complemented by a VGA camera on the front.

If so we might expect yet another high-end device with great camera capabilities being brought to the market in the United States in the near future.

Apparently the Motorola Dinara might be on its way to Verizon Wireless lineup which does not come too much as a surprise since Motorola and the wireless carrier have a long history together.

As stated above nothing was officially confirmed on this device and we'll include this in the rumor category for the time being but stay tuned for more.


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