Microsoft Has Wrapped Up The Transition Of Games For Windows Marketplace To Xbox.com


Microsoft has wrapped up the transition of Games for Windows Marketplace to Xbox.com according to an official announcement provided by a company representative.

Customers using Windows as their gaming platform and that failed to say goodbye to GamesforWindowsMarketplace.com now won’t get that chance as the Xbox website has swallowed the old game hub dedicated to the software giant’s Windows client.

Since the Games for Windows Marketplace never came close to the success of Xbox LIVE it’s clear that the centralization of properties is part of a bigger Microsoft effort to bring all gaming resources under the same umbrella.

What still remains to be seen is whether this is indicative of a broader company strategy to bring bridge Xbox consoles and Windows together gaming platforms-wise.

“As of this week the Games for Windows Marketplace has a new home on Xbox.com. When you now visit GamesForWindows.com you will be taken to Xbox.com” Microsoft’s Bandon LeBlanc said.

“Now you can purchase and get details on your favorite Games for Windows and Xbox 360 games all in one place! Your Games For Windows and Xbox LIVE profiles are the same which allows people to take advantage of their LIVE profile in LIVE-enabled games they play on their Windows PC.”

Microsoft’s new natural user interface (NUI) sensor for Xbox 360 has certainly managed to breathe new life in the console generate additional sales and catalyze a consistent boost in profits.

The software giant stressed time and again that while Xbox 360 consoles sale continue to benefit from a strong momentum and even manage to accelerate the community built through Xbox LIVE is also growing and maturing.

Despite being the traditional platform for games Windows has never benefitted from a similar community of gamers not that the Redmond company hasn’t been trying.

Perhaps by bringing Games for Windows under Xbox some of the success and popularity of Xbox LIVE will rub off on it.


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