HTC Canadian Sensation 4G And Galaxy S Are Expected To Get Updated Soon


Two Android-based mobile phones available now on the Canadian market are expected to receive software updates in the near future.

One of them is the recently launched HTC Sensation 4G which was slated for a software update on Monday July 25th wireless carrier Virgin Mobile has just announced.

The wireless carrier will provide its Sensation 4G with a software update which is said to solve a series of issues the handset has with the boot sequence but no specific info on what they were all about emerged until now.

At the same time the company announced that they would be releasing a new software update for the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant sometime in August.

What the update is all about includes the Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform version which started to arrive on Galaxy S devices in other markets a few weeks ago.

While only Virgin Mobile announced the upcoming availability of this software update we might expect for other carriers in the country to update their Galaxy S models as well in August.

Most likely Bell Mobility will also release Android 2.3 Gingerbread for its Galaxy S Vibrant customers too when Virgin Mobile does.

After all the last handset releases and software updates at these two wireless carrier coincided.

Yesterday both of them started to deliver the Android OS 2.3.3 Gingerbread software update for the HTC Incredible and the same might happen with the said software update for Galaxy S Vibrant too.

Not to mention that both carrier launched earlier this week the Galaxy S II 4G smartphone on their airwaves.

For the time being however the one thing that is certain is that Virgin Mobile is getting ready to deliver the Gingerbread upgrade to its Galaxy S Vibrant users in August which means that the carrier might offer specific info on the matter in the near future.


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