Google+ it's probably the fastest growing site and social network in history


There's been plenty of interest in determining Google+'s size especially since it has become apparent that it's probably the fastest growing site and social network in history. comScore is the latest to weigh in it revealed that Google+ got 20 million visits until July 19 exactly three weeks after launch.

"comScore showed Google+ at just about 20 million visitors worldwide an extraordinary number in just its first three weeks" the analytics company revealed.

"That number represents an increase of 82% from the previous week and 561% vs. two weeks prior. The U.S. audience recently surpassed 5 million visitors up 81% from the previous week and 723% from two weeks earlier" it added.

The numbers are consistent with what other companies looking at the metrics have shown. They're also somewhat consistent with the estimates made by others regarding user numbers.

Still these numbers describe unique visitors which are not the same as users visitors may simply be reading a Google+ announcement or viewing a public photo even if they don't have a Google+ account.

20 million visitors is not the same as 20 million users if comScore's numbers are correct Google+ should have significantly less registered users at least a few million less.

But research by Paul Allen who's numbers have proven accurate before shows that Google+ should have more than 20 million registered users already.

More interesting than the total number of users is the demographics and location data. US is expectantly the biggest country on Google+ with 5.3 million visitors but India is not that far behind there were 2.8 million visitors from the country in the first three weeks.

It's an interesting data point but one that probably shouldn't be that surprising. Google still has a big presence in the social networking world in India with Orkut even though it was overtaken by Facebook last year. The company also seems to be determined to conquer the Indian market creating features catered specifically to the country.


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