AntiSec Hackers Attack Pfizer Page on Facebook


The Facebook page of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was hijacked by hackers associated with the AntiSec movement who used it to post rogue messages.

The attack was claimed by The Script Kiddies the same hackers who two weeks ago hijacked the @FoxNewsPolitics Twitter account and announced the assassination of President Obama.

The attackers used the hacked Facebook account to call Pfizer a corrupt company who puts people's lives at risk. They linked to a Business Journals article about Pfizer paying $2.3 billion to settle allegations of illegally promoting drugs.

The company's logo was originally replaced with a version that looked as if it was painted over with blood and later switched with the AntiSec logo.

"The guy in charge of this Facebook. Hint for next time Protect this company with a LITTLE better security. One google search an I'm in. Nice try though bud.

"Inb4 Pfizer claims they were cyber-bullied harrassed and hacked but can't take their own blame for the DEATHS of innocent people. Yes I did hack this page but I can admit to it. Pfizer it's time to man up to your faults and admit your guilt" the hacker posted on the hijacked Facebook page.

The company regained control over its account and issued a short statement. "As you might have noticed our Page was compromised last night. We have been working with Facebook to understand what happened so we can guard against it in the future" it said.

Anonymous Operation AntiSecurity (AntiSec) has been ongoing for a couple of weeks now and targets governments and corporations which the hacktivist group perceives as corrupt. A week ago the collective attacked agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto citing unethical business practices.


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