Windows Azure ISV Business Economics Package For Download


The Windows Azure ISV Business Economics Package is just one example among the resources provided by Microsoft to catalyze increased adoption of its Cloud offerings.

This particular package is designed for Independent Software Vendors, and as the official label implies, it’s focused on the business advantages that Windows Azure can make possible.

The software giant has packed case studies, reports, and white papers into the Windows Azure ISV Business Economics Package, all set up to provide customers with comprehensive information over how to benefit of the new business opportunities that Windows Azure makes possible.

“Because we are in the early days of the cloud paradigm shift, there is much confusion about the direction of this ongoing transformation. In this paper, we looked beyond the current technology and focused on the underlying economics of cloud to define the destination – where all of this disruption and innovation is leading our industry,” Microsoft stated.

Cloud computing is indeed nascent, with the best undoubtedly still ahead. In fact, looking at companies today it’s clear that many are still skeptical about the Cloud, especially since on-premises deployments have grown extremely confortable.

But there are inherent advantages to Cloud computing, especially for business customers that want to control costs.

For examples, why buy infrastructure that you end up not even using when it makes more sense to pay for what you do leverage and scale as needed?

Based on our analysis, we see a long-term shift to cloud driven by three important economies of scale:

1. larger datacenters can deploy computational resources at significantly lower cost than smaller ones;

2. demand pooling improves the utilization of these resources, especially in public clouds;

3. multi-tenancy lowers application maintenance labor costs for large public clouds. Finally, the cloud offers unparalleled levels of elasticity and agility that will enable exciting new solutions and applications,” Microsoft added.


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