Win £10,000 With “Your Britain” Bing Homepage Photo Competition As Of today, May 16th, 2011


Microsoft is offering photographers in the United Kingdom a shot at winning £10,000 and have one of their images featured as the Bing UK homepage wallpaper.

The “Your Britain” Bing homepage photo competition is live as of today, May 16th, 2011, but participants should hurry, since the time to enter is limited.

According to the software giant, submissions will be accepted only until June 24th 2011. Winners will be announced on July 15.

Obviously, the contest is only opened to residents of the UK, and furthermore, the actual photos that get entered also need to be from the region, namely from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Britain.

There are no less than five categories in the “Your Britain” Bing homepage photo competition including: Local Britain, Natural Britain, Britain at Night, Urban Britain and Secret Britain.

“Britain means different things to different people. All you have to do is share what Britain means to you by submitting a maximum of five photos. From Urban Britain to Britain at Night - pick one category or pick them all depending on what inspires you most.

“The 20 photos that receive the most number of votes will be shortlisted and be in with a chance of winning. Promoting your image is up to you! Share your image on your favorite social networks or via email,” Microsoft stated.

The contest is hosted on the competition.your-britain.com site, and this is the place for photographers to enter their submissions, as well as get additional information on the initiative.

Participants should make sure to read the full terms and conditions before applying, and it also wouldn’t hurt for them to look at the FAQs answers.

“The Judges' Winner photograph will be featured on the UK Bing Home Page (www.bing.co.uk) for a full rotation of 24 hours (and kept available in the Bing homepage archive),” the company said.

Ten thousand GBP (£10,000) cash prize. Winner’s Entry photograph will be featured at a gallery event to celebrate the completion of the Competition, currently scheduled for 15 July 2011. The People's Choice Winner’s prize is for their Entry to be featured on the Website.


This is a great competition which has the opportunity to showcase the amazing work of some of the best amateur photographers in the UK. By making it a public vote - and the worst kind, the daily type, you are essentially giving people a licence to spam. This competition will no doubt descend into a farce, particularly with such an appealing cash prize on offer. I very much doubt the twenty most popular entries will contain a photograph worthy of winning this prize.

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