Microsoft Has Sold 3 UltraCam Eagle 260 Megapixels Aerial Cameras In The First Month After Launch


Microsoft has sold three new units of its new generation UltraCam digital photogrammetric aerial camera systems in the first month after they were introduced on the market.

The ASPRS 2011 conference was the stage where Microsoft’s Photogrammetry Division announced the availability of the new UltraCam Eagle, expanding the current line of UltraCam products.

GEOCART Herten, Keystone Aerial Surveys and Weser Airborne are the first companies to own the latest model of Microsoft’s aerial cameras, according to the software giant.

“Microsoft’s Photogrammetry team is extremely excited over this new generation of UltraCam aerial sensors,” said Alexander Wiechert, Microsoft Business Director.

“We have improved on every major component of the UtraCam and in essence, the UltraCam Eagle is a completely new camera that pushes the technology envelope for digital aerial acquisition, allowing mapping organizations to take their projects to new heights. It is the new flagship product for the Microsoft’s Photogrammetry division.”

According to the Redmond company, the new UltraCam Eagle is capable of a PAN image footprint that exceeds 20,000 pixels across the flight strip.

The 260 megapixels aerial camera boasts a 3.7 gigabits per second image capturing rate, made possible by the solid-state storage system which it comes equipped with. By default, the UltraCam Eagle is capable of storing no less than 3,800 aerial photographs, but the Redmond company insists that the storage space can be extended even during flight.

Dr. Thore Kiski, CEO of GEOCART Herten revealed that the UltraCam Eagle was chosen after previous UltraCamX/Xp systems delivered a good experience.
“The UltraCam Eagle is the next big stage of evolution for the UltraCam series. It represents cutting-edge aerial sensor technology and is going to allow our organization to more efficiently deliver higher-quality products to our customer base,” Kiski said.

Mary Potter, GISP, President of Keystone Aerial Surveys noted that her company had also been using UltraCam systems for the past six years, which made Eagle a valid option. “In addition, Microsoft’s strong service and maintenance team keep us producing at our full potential,” she said.

According to Weser Airborne Sensing, UltraCam Eagle is the best aerial camera currently available on the market when it comes down to photogrammetric technology.

Weser Airborne Sensing has great expectations in the new UltraCam Eagle camera, revealed Weser Airborne Sensing Managing Director, Casper Roerdinkholder.The UltraCam Eagle represents a maturing of the UltraCam product line that, along with the UltraMap photogrammetric workflow software, promises to greatly improve the quality of our products for our end customers.


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