Microsoft Hardware Hub Major Redesign Goes Live And Available To Customers


Microsoft has introduced a major redesign to its online hardware hub. The new Microsoft Hardware site is now live and available to customers, although it seems that the company is still working to make it 100% functional again.

In all fairness, this particular facelift for the Microsoft Hardware site was long overdue. The old website felt, well, extremely old and clunky, especially due to its aged design.

The new site sports a modern look and feel, and is certainly a pleasure to use.

The software giant is yet to announce the revamping of Microsoft Hardware’s site, either on the team’s official blog or on the Twitter account.

But as far as I can tell this is because the upgrade process has yet to be completed. When I first started to mess around on the new site after noticing the upgrade, I could not download any drivers for the company’s many peripherals.

At the time of this article however, Microsoft had already dealt with this problem, and drivers were accessible without any issues.

Users that want a taste of what the old Microsoft Hardware site looked like can visit the Blog which still sports the aged design.

At the same time, it appears that Microsoft Hardware was overhauled only for users in the United States, since changing the country takes customers to various localized versions of the site, all sporting the old look and feel.

I suspect that the Redmond company will announce the redesign of Microsoft Hardware’s site officially once all the bits and pieces are in place.

It’s certainly a welcome move from the software giant, providing users with an improved experience via the new, modern design.


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