GSLO-Ships The First Volt Solar Chargers For iPhone Arrive In The US


GoSolarUSA today shipped the first Volt Solar Charger accessories for the iPhone to the 100 winners of the company’s online waiting-list giveaway. The Volt is a case that extends the iPhone’s battery life, and is compatible with three iPhone models, including the iPhone 4.

Named last week, the 100 winners were randomly selected from a waiting list of thousands to be among the first to receive the gadget for free.

Each winner will receive a product called the “Volt Solar Charger.” The giveaway winners will receive their Volt in either black or white.

Developed by a Chinese electronics company, the Volt is an external battery pack that attaches to the iPhone.

It extends battery life using what GSLO refers to as a top-of-the-line solar panel.

To the company’s knowledge, the Volt is the only battery pack that is compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4, GSLO said.

“By capturing free, renewable solar power, the Volt recharges the iPhone’s battery first before charging its own internal battery, nearly doubling the smartphone’s talk time,” the company explains.

The gizmo includes a large battery compared to other battery packs, according to the makers. A USB cable for charging after dark is also provided in the box.

“Our online waiting list for the Volt Solar Charger was a tremendous validation of interest in both this amazing new iPhone accessory and in solar technology in general,” said GSLO president and CEO, Tyson Rohde.

“We’re very pleased to get these devices into the hands of 100 early adopters who we hope will help make the use of renewable solar energy to charge and power smartphones commonplace,” Rohde added.

Visit GSLO here for more information about the company and its solar energy projects.


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