Google Has Now Been The Most Reputable Corporation In The US


Google is one of the best known and best regarded brands and companies in the world and this is confirmed by plenty of studies and reviews. The company has now been named the most reputable corporation in the US, climbing to the top spot for the first time.

The tech sector in particular ranked highly and many web and technology companies scored very well in the survey carried out by Harris Interactive.

"Google ranked highest, supplanting Berkshire Hathaway, which falls to the 4th position. Johnson & Johnson ranked second again, followed by 3M Company at 3rd. Apple continues a steady rise begun in 2002, ranking 5th, as its corporate reputation catches up with its elite brand status," the firm said.

Google, understandably, was flattered by the distinction. But the company has always enjoyed a privileged view in the eye of the public.

"We have always believed that if we focus on making the best products for our users all else will follow. We’re honored to be recognized in this ranking and we will continue to put our users first," Google VP of Consumer Marketing Gary Briggs said.

Google managed to rank the highest despite the fact that some are changing their views on the company and the number of privacy or monopoly accusations is on the rise.

Tech companies in general performed well, 75 percent of them got a positive rating. Out of the pure web companies, only Amazon managed to make it in the top ten, at number eight.

Other tech companies that ranked well are Apple, at number five, Intel at six, Sony at 14 and Microsoft at 16. Apple enjoys a great public image and its products are highly regarded so it seems that the company itself has some caching up to do with its brand image. Facebook made the list for the first time, it ranked 31st.


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