CSE HTML Validator Lite 10.0200 || 5 MB


CSE HTML Validator for Microsoft Windows is the most powerful, easy to use, user configurable, and all-in-one HTML, XHTML, CSS, link, spelling, and accessibility checker available.

CSE HTML Validator helps eliminate website problems that cause visitors to leave your website. It increases your productivity and saves you time and money. THOUSANDS of registered users use CSE HTML Validator, including web professionals, webmasters, corporations, government agencies, individuals, teachers, students, and non-profit organizations.

Unlike many other HTML checkers and validators, CSE HTML Validator features an unusually powerful custom syntax checking engine that is specifically designed to check HTML, XHTML, and CSS. It also includes an integrated editor so you can make changes to your documents right inside of CSE HTML Validator.

CSE HTML Validator Lite is a free HTML editor and basic HTML syntax checker.

Here are some key features:

· Check spelling.
· Quickly change all tags and attributes to lowercase.
· Automatically place quotation marks around all attribute values.
· Strip HTML tags from HTML documents, leaving only the text.
· Quickly change all the headers and/or footers of every page of your web site when you design your pages using the template tool.


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