Apple Is Primary Target in Protest Against US Tax Law


An organization that counters companies that try to avoid taxes is now targeting Apple with a campaign set to go live June 4 with the purpose of protesting against the Mac maker’s support of the Win America Campaign.

US Uncut wants Apple leaving the Win America Campaign as WAC is reportedly lobbying Congress for what would amount to a $4 billion tax cut for Apple.

The organization also seeks to have other lobbying activities relating to "tax loopholes" ceased.

The group said in statement this week, "Apple plays huge games with their taxes. By disguising profits in the U.S. as foreign earnings in low-tax countries, Apple dodges billions of dollars of taxes they should be paying.”

Also supported by some of Apple’s competitors, like Microsoft, Google, as well as long time outcast Adobe, the WAC is currently lobbying for the Freedom to Invest Act of 2011.

What this law basically stipulates is that said companies should have their taxes lowered as they sell goods and services abroad.

The drafters claim that the resulted saved money could then be re-invested within the country.

Regardless of the fact that giants Google and Adobe are just as big of fans of the Freedom to Invest Act of 2011, Apple is US Uncut’s primary target for on June 4 - "action day."

"When this 'Win America' tax cheat coalition wins, we all lose as Americans," US Uncut San Francisco organizer Ana Corrie said in a statement.

"We are all disappointed to see a great company like Apple participate in such a deceitful campaign that violates their commitment to operate in a socially responsible manner," Corrie added.

US Uncut is fully packed with what CNet describes as an action kit with signs, leaflets, chants, and slogans, and a tool to locate Apple's retail stores.

The group hopes to convince some to go as far as to enter Apple’s retail outlets and record a "dance-in" on the computers available on display.


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