Microsoft Big Box of Awesome


A new contest launched by Microsoft is designed to hand off a “big box of awesome".

In fact, the software giant is actually inviting users to win a Microsoft Big Box of Awesome, through the initiative made in partnership with Samsung.

The Microsoft Big Box of Awesome contest is hosted on Facebook, and customers will need to own a valid account with the social network in order to participate.

“From Kinect for Xbox 360 to Windows Phone and a new generation of Windows 7 netbooks, we’ve shown you some great technology this year. Now we packed all that awesome stuff into one giant box – enter now for your chance to win it,” the software giant states.

Users with a Facebook account can head over to the Microsoft official page on the social network and check out the details of the Big Box of Awesome contests by clicking on the link below Info in the left hand side menu.

All that participants need to do in order to have a chance at winning is Like Microsoft and, of course enter the contest.

Unfortunately, the Big Box of Awesome initiative is only available to users in the United States.

Among the prizes enumerated by the software giant are products such as: Samsung Focus Windows Phone, Samsung Series 9 Notebook, Windows 7 Home Premium, Microsoft Arc Touch mouse, Samsung 46 inch LED TV, Xbox 360 250 GB console with Kinect, 3 Kinect-enabled games, Xbox LIVE 12 Months Gold membership, and Microsoft Office Professional 2010.

The Big Box of Awesome was launched on April 18, and will end on May 02, 2011, according to Microsoft.


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