Apple Reiterates Spring 2011 Launch for White iPhone 4


Reports have confirmed that Apple’s White iPhone 4 is on track for a spring 2011 release. An exact launch date is yet to be set, while none of the sources reporting on the news seem to know whether both AT&T and Verizon will be getting shipments on launch day.

Stemming from sources with multiple ties in the electronics industry, the reports in question say Apple confirmed on Thursday that shipments of the White model iPhone 4 are ready to hit stores this spring.

This is a reiteration of Apple’s latest estimate of White iPhone 4 shipping, following three delays over the course of nine months.

In June 2010, when Apple launched the elusive, yet controversial fourth-generation iPhone, only the black version of the handset had been made available for purchase.

At the time, Apple cited manufacturing difficulties posed by the White model as the reason for its initial delay.

Little did Apple know that more nefarious developments were to follow, such as the discovery that the white paint chosen to craft the ivory phones did not withstand heat, and leaked the LED flash light into the camera lens.

But Cupertino did not give up on its plans and continued to advertise a Yin & Yang iPhone 4 offering with high hopes that said manufacturing difficulties would be overcome.

Soon, according to reports, they were.

Apple reportedly signed a deal with a Japanese firm to create a ‘magical’ white paint, putting an end to speculation that a White iPhone 4 would never see the light of day.

Yet the media still had the unconfirmed launch date as a weapon of mass speculation and while Apple is yet to officially confirm its launch, the White iPhone 4 appears to be on track for spring 2011 release now, more than ever.


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