Apple Investigating iPad 2 WiFi With 3G Verizon Cellular Data Issue


A rumored iOS 4.3.2 firmware update may arrive as early as this week including a fix for connectivity issues experienced by iPad 2 owners using Verizon’s 3G network, going by an official statement from Apple.

The Apple Discussions forum is hosting a growing thread titled “iPad 2 WiFi + 3G Verizon Cellular Data Issue” which signals that something is up either with the CDMA iPad 2, Verizon’s wireless network, or both.

Apparently, users are having trouble re-connecting to 3G after using the iPad’s WiFi connection.

“Our iPads are activated and when they are connected to 3G they work just fine,” one person on the forum writes, explaining the problem to a fellow poster.

“The issue here is that a reboot or sometimes two reboots are necessary to connect to 3G after you've been on wifi only for a while.”

Queried on the matter, Apple reportedly offered the following statement to All Things D’s Mobilized blog:

“We are aware that a small number of iPad 2 customers have experienced connectivity issues with the Verizon 3G network and we are investigating it.”

Verizon representatives could not be reached for comments.

An iOS 4.3.2 reportedly in the works since last week is believed to pack a plurality of fixes for issues reported since the initial iOS 4.3 builds emerged.

Those include battery drain problems, screen orientation glitches on iPad 2, a FaceTime security bug, and more.

According to the person alleging to have learned of engineers working to get iOS 4.3.2 out in two weeks’ time, Apple is aiming not only to cleanse the software of bugs, but also to include a few enhancements.

The last iOS firmware update was released 25 with a focus on fixing graphics glitches experienced by iPod touch owners, image flicker when using the Apple Digital AV Adapter, and more.


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